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A Practical, Fun, Dynamic, and Results-Focused Learning Experience

ILC+ is a community-based, community-driven organization, which offers its services to the children and youths, and the greater community for a minimal or no cost, determined by the nature of the program and the financial ability of the family. ILC+ was conceptualized by a thought-leader with over 23 years of experience in international development; and implemented, managed, administrated, and supported by a team of local community leaders, Islamic scholars, volunteers, and leading professionals in various fields including but not limited to Business, Science (STEM), Medicine, and IT. The basics of the ILC+ Islamic weekend, weekdays, and tutoring classes were initiated by the same individual and supported mostly by the same set of people, several years ago at a local mosque. In 2016, the team agreed to support and guide the International Learning Center (ILC), which was existing in a much smaller scope and scale for the past couple of years and headed by a young local Imam, to the currently rising ILC+. The organization has since grew and expanded in a number of areas, primarily focused on the children and youths, with the help of a few dedicated community members.

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