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ILC, 6573 Edsall Rd., Springfield, VA. 2215,

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Tuition: Only $50 a month (sibling discount available)

Administration/Book Cost: $50 Per Student (once a year only)

ILC Plus Youth Weekend

School Program

Promoting a Community of Growth

The ILC+ Weekend School consists of 4 levels, teaching children from 6 to 18 years of age.


CLICK for Class Information Sheets per level:

Level 1 (ages 6-8)

Level 2 (ages 9-10)

Level 3 (ages 11-13)

Level 4 (ages 14-18)


If it weren't for ILC+, these students would not be able to receive a structured Islamic education, focused on practical and daily aspects of life. The school caters to students attending public school. Families pay a minimal cost to cover the cost of books and admin expenses.


ILC+ weekend school is not your typical Islamic weekend school. ILC+ focuses on teaching Islam in a practical manner. With a structured and developed curriculum to teach how to implement Islam in daily life, ILC+ utilizes hands-on activities and translating Islamic learning’s into real-life examples and actual practices. Staff members are educated in religious and secular studies and share the passion for giving back to the community.


As students get older, the focus turns to leadership training. Older students in level 3 and 4 are taught how to be leaders and work in teams, both as leaders and members, so they may learn and practice how to serve the community and effectively interact with their surroundings including but not limited to their family, friends, neighbors, peers, and extended community. Along with adult educators, this programs also has several youth volunteers participating both as administrative and education assistants.


Age Group: 6 to 18 Years Old

For questions, please email: 


Weekly Schedule: Saturdays; 1:45 PM to 5:30 PM


Program Goal:

The goal of the International Learning Center Youth Weekend School Program (ILCYWS) is to help educate and support our youth to become better Muslims, so that they can meaningfully contribute to, and better interact with their surrounding environment including but not limited to their families, communities, and peers.


Key Facts:

  •  Qualified and Caring Teachers

  •  Hands-on learning

  •  Fun activities

  •  Practical and Effective Curriculum and Books



Qur’an: To root our students to the Quran by teaching them to read and write Quranic Arabic with its appropriate rules. Also to teach Quran memorization as it is needed for Salah.



To gradually inform our students about the life of the Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) and introduce the early Muslims. Students are also introduced to and are taught about the lives of other important prophets in Islam.


Islamic Studies:

To create a sense of God-consciousness within our students by introducing them to the actions in a Muslims daily life. Gradually introduce the Muslim student to the essentials of his faith, and bring to light the historical and cultural aspects of Islam.


Special Topics and Field Learning (monthly):

To raise awareness and strengthen

characteristics in order to help Muslim youths to step up to their civic duties and social responsibilities through the teaching of relevant topics and practical activities (e.g. community services, family support, economic responsibilities etc).

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